In our Makers segment we present a passionate crafter from outside the knitting world. Just click on the name and a link will take you to directly to the Makers segment in the respective episode.

Clothing & Fabric
Geoffrey Tailor & 21st Century Kilts Ep. 71
Shoemakers – Vickermann & Stoya Ep. 79
Embroidery & Wool Felting – Robyn Alexander Ep. 118
Historical Headwear – Neil Fortin Ep. 124
Fair Isle & Lace Teddy Bears – Burra Bears Ep. 87
German Dirndls – Clara Dorothea Ep. 133

Classical Guitar with an African Twist – Derek Gripper Ep. 117
Concert Pianist and Composer-Improviser – Ashley Hribar Ep. 129

Gingerbread Bakery – Lebkuchen Hatzel Ep.139
Craft Brewery – Fanø Bryghus Ep. 111
Goat Cheese – Der Berghof Ep. 103

Rose Garden – Rosenhof Schultheis Ep. 105

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