Episode 15 – Joji Locatelli and Sewing the Steeks

Fruity Knitting Podcast - Episode 15 - Joji Locatelli, Andrew, Andrea
Fruity Knitting Podcast - Episode 15 - Joji Locatelli, Andrew, Andrea
Fruity Knitting Podcast – Episode 15 – Click on the image to view

Knitwear designer Joji Locatelli joins us as our interview guest in Episode 15.  Joji takes us from her childhood beginnings, calculating gauges and sizes for her mother, through to her current work as a professional designer.  Now an established figure in the knitwear world – her designs have over ten thousand completed projects recorded in Ravelry – Joji’s journey took a few detours before she found the work she now loves. 

Interview with Joji Locatelli, Argentinian Knitwear Designer


Joji Locatelli - Wearing her design Old Romance from the collection Bohemian Girl
Joji Locatelli – Wearing her design Old Romance from the collection Bohemian Girl

As a child, Joji was given the task of doing the calculations to size patterns for the members of her family based on her mother’s gauge swatches.  There were almost no knitting patterns available, and it was common for knitters to simply choose a yarn, knit up a swatch and copy a clothing design they had seen in a store or a magazine.

Great early training for a knitting designer.  I suspect Joji’s mum was not aware of the seed that she was planting in Joji’s mind…

Four Locatelli children, three wearing similar hand knit sweaters
The younger Locatellis (Joji at left?) in their hand knits
The Locatelli family - mum, dad and the kids
The Locatellis – I think that couch has seen some happy times!

One of Joji’s detours was into producing hand-dyed yarns.  This was an untapped market in Buenos Aires at the time, and for a while kept Joji and her husband busy and productive.

Joji's hand-dyed yarns
Joji’s hand-dyed yarns


Joji is Argentinian, and admits that she is not able to give up the idea that the feminine form is beautiful.

Joji Locatelli - Meridien
Joji Locatelli – Meridien
Joji explaining her design Meridien
Joji Locatelli – Explaining her design Meridien

Joji talks about her repeated attempts to get a “sewn-on” look that she was after – and finally found.  Her readiness to develop a range of techniques supports the rich variety in her designs.

Joji Locatelli - Old Romance
Joji Locatelli – Old Romance

Favorite Things collection

Joji has just released the Favorite Things collection – a “tiny collection”, basic and gray, in collaboration with Veera Valimaki.

Joji Locatelli - Granito
Joji Locatelli – Granito, from the Favorite Things collection

Whenever possible, with pockets.

Finding Joji

You can find Joji Locatelli and her designs:

Bluey Little – Knitters of the World

(The audio and video are out of sync in the second half of Bluey’s video.  I think I know what the problem was, and the only fix was manual and slow and I just didn’t have time – I’m sorry Bluey…)

Bluey Little joins us from Paddington, a suburb in Sydney, Australia.

Bluey Little and family
Bluey Little and family

It sounds like long-haul flights make up a lot of Bluey’s knitting time, but I suspect he’s always pretty happy to be home.  Sydney has some stunning beaches.  Not always the weather for your woollens, though.

Knitting by the beach
Knitting by the beach
Bluey's work
Bluey’s work

You can find Bluey Little as:

Firebirds by Jade Starmore

Firebirds - by Jade Starmore, modified as sweater by Andrea
Firebirds – by Jade Starmore, modified as sweater by Andrea

Yes, the Firebirds are complete, except for a little blocking, and will be presented to me on Wednesday for my birthday.  Lucky me!  I will be wearing it proudly – strutting about just like the birds in the design.  Bring on the cold weather.

Hiking Jacket

The back is done.  Long live the back.  I am pleased to be working on a front half.  The purple Rowan Hemp Tweed is a great contrast, and the jacket will be great.


Tim Minchen – Ginger

Stephen West KAL song

Look them both up on YouTube if I still haven’t put up any links.  Tim Minchen is an Australian comedian and a talented musician at the same time.  He is sure to offend some, so be warned.

We also mentioned Tim Winton, who is a great Australian author.


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