Episode 104 – Sequence Knitting – Cecelia Campochiaro

In Episode 104 we have a great feature interview with Cecelia Campochiaro, the author of Sequence Knitting and Making Marls. Both these books are groundbreaking and because they cover very different topics each of them is worthy of its own interview. Today you are going to learn about Sequence Knitting and in a later episode, we’ll feature the Making Marls interview.

In our Knitters of the World segment we feature an Argentinian designer who is living in Barcelona, Cecilia Losada. Cecilia has very colourful, vibrant and happy designs, so you will love getting to know her more and then for our Meet the Shepherdess segment we visit Good Karma Farm in Maine in the United States. On top of that we have updates on our own projects and I am teaching Andrew to flick, so we have a very short tutorial comparing two flicking styles as well.

Sequence Knitting – Cecelia Campochiaro

Cecelia Campochiaro showing a range of sequence knitting variations

Sequence knitting is all about creating very beautiful textured fabrics that are based on a repeated sequence of stitches. Depending on how that sequence is setup, you can get very unique patterns and just by changing one stitch in the sequence you can get interesting variations on that pattern. This also means that you can have sets of patterns that are different, but they still look related and when put together in a larger piece of fabric like a shawl or a blanket, the effect looks amazing. So the Sequence Knitting book is a great source book for knitters and designers to help them create new and interesting textural patterns.


Sequence Knitting by Cecelia Campochiaro

Finding Cecelia Campochiaro

Patron Discount – Sequence Knitting – Cecelia Campochiaro

Patron Discount – Sequence Knitting by Cecelia Campochiaro

Fruity Knitting Patrons can get a 20 percent discount off the book Sequence Knitting at either Schoolhouse Press in the US or at ITO Yarns in Europe. This offer is valid until 31 July 2020, full details here.

Knitters of the World – Cecilia Losada – MammaDIY

Cecilia Losada with the Mailen Crop sweater

In our Knitters of the World segment we feature an Argentinian designer who is living in Barcelona, Cecilia Losada. Cecilia has very colourful, vibrant and happy designs, so you will love getting to know her work. I particularly like the Abya Yala knitted Sweater and the Mailen Sweater that she did in a lovely brown and orange colourway (pictured above).

Tacuarí Porá Shawl by Cecilia Losada

Cecilia’s designs have a folk element to them but they are also very modern and I love how she separates very bright, clear colours with black and white stripes. Cecilia’s bubbly personality and colourful patterns make you happy and put a smile on your face. I think if you are feeling melancholy you should knit one of her patterns. I’m sure it will cheer you up.

Amaru Shawl by Cecilia Losada

Finding Cecilia Losada – MammaDIY

Patron Discount – MammaDIY – Cecilia Losada

Patron Discount – All self-published patterns from Cecilia Losada – MammaDIY

Cecilia Losada is offering Fruity Knitting Patrons a 25 percent discount of all self-published patterns available from her Ravelry store. There are both crotchet and knitted designs and include lots of summer tops, sweaters, shawls, socks, hats and mitts. This offer is valid until 28 July 2020, full details here.

Good Karma Farm – Meet the Shepherdess

Jim and Amy of Good Karma Farm

We’ve had many different breeds of sheep in our Meet the Shepherdess segment and recently we’ve also had alpacas. Good Karma Farm in Maine has both sheep and Alpacas and they are also a mill. Jim and Amy are very proud to be making their yarn from scratch to the final product.

Jim with the alpacas

Jim and Amy are a husband and wife team. They keep Icelandic sheep and Finnsheep which  produce a long stable fleece as well as a herd of alpacas. All the animals are happy to hang out together.

Bottle-fed lambs on Good Karma Farm

Jim spins the yarn in their mill (located in an old milking shed) and Amy hand dyes the yarn.

The spinning machine
Amy doing the dyeing

Jim is also a very keen sock machine knitter. He buys and sells sock machines, has antique machines dating back to the late 1800s and he even has a sock machine knitting school.

Sock knitting machines

For the fanatics there is an annual 4-day “crank in” where people can come to the farm, paint sock yarn, crank socks and eat lobster.  Sounds fantastic fun. You’ll very much enjoy meeting Jim and Amy Grant.

Jim cranking out a sock.

Finding Good Karma Farm

Patron Discount – Good Karma Farm

Patron Discount – All yarns from Good Karma Farm

Amy and Jim from Good Karma Farm are offering Patrons a 15 percent discount on all of their yarns which includes worsted and sport weight and their special hand painted sock yarn. Valid until 28 July 2020, full details here.

Flicking Tutorial


Some of our viewers may not know much about the different styles of knitting and may have never even heard of flicking. I’ve made a short bit of footage showing you first how I was originally taught to knit and how I taught Andrew to knit and then two variations on the flicking style. I wanted to keep the footage short so it’s less about teaching you exactly how to do it and more about showing you what the differences are.

Our original knitting style

L’Anse au Loup – Jennifer Beale

I’m really enjoying getting back into my knitting. I’m working on a Jennifer Beale design called L’Anse au Loup. L’Anse au Loup is the name of a town in Newfoundland with a population of around 550 people. The yarn I’m using is John Arbon’s Yarnadelic range which is a sport weight yarn. The colours I use are Pink Moon and Badi Da.

When I first looked at the construction of this design it frightened me a bit but it really is much easier than you might initially think. And I am even working at a completely different gauge which adds a whole new challenge to any project and yet it is still very manageable. The construction is such a lot of fun so I spend a bit of time showing you exactly how it works.

Bowie – Lisa Richardson

We warned you in the last Episode that we’re in for the long haul with this project. The design Bowie by Lisa Richardson is in the Rowan magazine no. 67 and is knitted in the Rowan Fine Lace, with stocking stitch front and back and flowing lace sleeves. I’ve been teaching Andrew to flick to hopefully help him get through this project faster but we are still practicing the tension on the swatch.

We were wearing

  • In the interview with Cecelia Campochiaro, Andrea was wearing the Manzanita Tee by Romi Hill.
  • Andrew’s t-shirt is from Monsterthreads. I believe this design is by Chloe Harris.

Music Credits


4 thoughts on “Episode 104 – Sequence Knitting – Cecelia Campochiaro”

  1. Kathryn Gearheard

    Andrea, your explanation of Jennifer Beale’s brilliant pattern was precise, interesting and so easy to understand. Every time, you offer up one of these descriptions, I feel like I just ate a chocolate bar. It is your greatest skill amongst many.

    Keep taking the time to make those drawings and telling us how you approach each new pattern. It’s never boring.

    And this time, I found L’Anse au Loop to be such a fascinating pattern now that you’ve explained it, that I’ve added it to my favorites.

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