Episode 112 – Bohus Stickning

Madeleine and I are very happy to be releasing Episode 112 and I am particularly excited about our feature interview on the amazing story behind Bohus Stickning. There is also a short tutorial on how to create Christel Seyfarth’s magic balls, Madeleine talks about her painting hobby, and of course there’s the usual updates on our own knitting projects. We hope you enjoy the program!

Pernille Silfverberg – Angora Garnet

Bohus Stickning is a Swedish cultural heritage. The brand became known for its exquisitely beautiful, high fashion designs that were hand knitted and sold in top department stores. The brand then became really famous when royalty and glamourous movie stars started wearing the designs in the 50s and 60s. Bohus Stickning actually started in the 1930s as a Swedish knitting cooperative to provide income for very poor families in the Bohuslän area of Sweden.  Now, the Bohuslän Museum works hard to preserve this wonderful knitting culture and they have authorized Pernille Silfverberg to create the yarn kits for the original Bohus Stickning designs.

Pernille is the perfect person for this, she is extremely passionate about the designs but also about story behind Bohus Stickning. The yarns used for the designs are a blend of wool and angora and Pernille provides the angora from her own farm of angora rabbits, so she is intimately involved in the whole process.

The beautiful shimmering design above is called ‘The Green Mist’ and is part of the Mist Collection by the designer Kerstin Olsson. The design below is my absolute favourite, it’s called ‘The Wild Apple’ and is also by Kerstin Olsson. The design is also called ‘The Masterpiece’. It was one of Kerstin Olsson’s first designs and at that time she didn’t think much about the knitter. There are 13 colours in the colourway and for several rows the knitter is using 3 colours in a row and for some rows there are even 4 colours used in a row. This design is a challenge to knit but the reward is very high.

I love this interview; I think you will too and you’ll definitely be blown away with the sheer beauty of these amazing designs.

Finding Angora Garnet

Patron Discount – Angora Garnet

Pernille is offering Fruity Knitting Patrons a discount. She isn’t able to give discounts on the kits of the Bohus Stickning designs because all prices are determined in agreement with the Bohusläns museum but she can give a 20% discount on all the woolen yarns and also a small discount on the book, Bohus Stickning the Revival. All the details for this discount can be found on our Patreon page.

Bohus Stickning – Knit a long

I just know that so many of you will be very excited about these designs and we haven’t started a new Knit a long for a very long time. Therefore I think the time is right to start one now with the theme of Bohus Stickning. The knit a long will be held over in the Fruity Knitting Ravelry group and on the Patron Community Forum. I do have to say that when Andrew was working with me, we were both literally working full time and 7 days a week on Fruity Knitting. So many things that were done by Andrew will no longer be done and I am not able to work at the same pace as I was previously doing. I will set up the threads but at this stage I won’t be able to answer questions or monitor the groups. Nevertheless, I would like to set up a platform where people can connect together and share their excitement and enthusiasm about their Bohus Stickning projects. Have fun!

Tutorial – Christel’s Magic Balls

As long-term viewers will remember this was going to be a vest for Andrew and I called it Andrew’s Full Recovery Vest. It’s based on a Christel Seyfarth design which I saw hanging in her shop window when Andrew and I visited the island of Fanoe, in Denmark last year. I just couldn’t stop looking at this design because the material was so unique. The inspiration for the pattern came from Ikat or Kasuri weaving which you can find on Chinese and Japanese Kimonos.

Christel Seyfarth uses her very special Magic Balls technique to create the colourway of this design and also for many of her other designs. It really is an interesting technique and a lot of fun to do. When I was in the cancer Clinic with Andrew, I filmed a short tutorial showing you how I created my magic balls for Andrew’s vest.

Bring and Brag – Laya – Kim Hargreaves

This design is by Kim Hargreaves. It’s called Laya and comes from her Capsule Collection. No. 10 Ravish. I adore Kim Hargreaves designs. They are so classy and modern and there is often an element of the design that is really exaggerated making them stand out amongst similar designs. Laya is a good example because it is so much more than just a stocking stitch v neck sweater. The v neckline is exaggerated, making it fairly risqué and the sleeves are also exaggerated, making the design look both classy and edgy.

Shine Mittens – Sofia Kammeborn

Madeleine has picked out these beautiful mittens Shine by Sofia Kammeborn to practice the technique of stranded knitting.

Madeleine’s Painting

Madeleine has started painting as a hobby and goes to a little art studio at her university in Ulm. She hasn’t had any proper lessons but there is usually a real artist there in the studio to give tips and answer questions. Madeleine shares her first acrylic portrait with us which she copied from a famous Norwiegan painting known as ‘The Fisherman’ by the German artist Harry Härendel.

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8 thoughts on “Episode 112 – Bohus Stickning”

  1. Donna DeCourcy

    So happy to see you and Madeleine. Looking forward to watching your latest episode, knowing how much strength it takes. I just wanted to share a thought I had on your eulogy to Andrew. At one point you talked about Andrew’s epic trip to India and a comment was made about how courageous or crazy it is to think of a solo trip in a new place. I saw Madeleine’s small smile and a slight raise of eyebrows as she heard your comments (and every parent watching) about letting your children go off on adventures. However, my first thought was Madeleine will be safe everywhere. She has knitting people ready to host her or watch for her on her journeys! All you need to do is raise the Knitters’ Bat Signal and Madeleine (and you, Andrea) have a safe place to stay throughout the world! Best wishes, I am off to savour this latest episode. And tell everyone to become a Patreon.

  2. Catherine A Lucas

    How brave of you two to come back online. It must be gutwrenching. Mourning is hard work. Loved the episode and can imagine how painfull it must have been to tape it. Big virtual hug for both of you.

  3. Catherine A Lucas

    About Madeleine her painting: my aunt had that exact painting in her livingroom 50 years ago. In Belgium. I choked up when I saw it.

  4. Adelle Drawbaugh

    Thank you for producing Episode 112 for all of us who admire your strength and courage at this time. Andrew would be very proud of you, It helps the followers of Fruity Knitting to deal with his loss when you feel you can be open in sharing what you are going through with us, perhaps lessening your sorrow for a just a bit.
    Now-on a happier note regarding Bohus “Wild Apple” pullover. Wendy Keele after years of research published “Poems of Color, Knitting in the Bohus Tradition” thru Interweave Press here in the US in 1995. It is filled with the history of Bohus but better yet one of the patterns she included is for The Wild Apple. Many of the ones shown in your Episode 112 are included as well. The yarns used weren’t from Sweden but are listed in her book. It’s a treasure which must still be available. Take care and thanks again, you and Madeline and memories of Andrew are in my heart.

  5. Madeline that is an impressive painting! There are so many online tutorials that I am sure you could refine your talent! Funny thing: My aunt painted the same or nearly the same painting. We had it hanging in the house I grew up in. When my aunt died we gave it to her son. We thought it was fitting for him to have it. Great job! I hope you can continue to grow your talents!

  6. Hello Andrea, I’ve been wanting to reach out to you for some time. I want you to know that you have my sincere sympathies and I’m keeping you and Madeline in my thoughts and prayers. These words have been said to you hundreds of times in the last few months, but I do know what you’re going through.
    I lost my husband May 3, 2018 at the age of 64. He died very suddenly and unexpectedly. We had been married 44 years and he was the love of my life. We did everything together and shared the same interests. He was creative and skilled in woodworking and carving. We didn’t necessarily have the same hobbies, but we were interested in each other’s hobbies. He supported my hobbies of knitting, sewing, quilting, cross stitch and painting. I could go on and on about my husband and what an absolutely wonderful person he was, but that’s not what I wanted to say.

    I want you to know that your intense, mind numbing grief will be with you for sometime, but as the weeks and months go by the intensity will lessen little by little. It will never go away, but it will change you. You will never get over this, but you will learn to live in your changed world. Andrew would want you to go on and live your life. You and Madeline will make Andrew proud to see you both going on with your lives and dreams. Keep his memory alive and you will find strength and courage in it.

    I’ve been watching you on YouTube for years and just love your show. You and Madeline keep busy. It wii help. Take one day at a time.

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