Episode 28 – A Passion for Lace

Fruity Knitting Video Podcast - Episode 28 - Click on the image to view!

Our interview guest on the Episode 28 of the Fruity Knitting Podcast is Monique Boonstra, better known as A Passion for Lace.  Monique shares the story of how she came to specialize in lace knitting, and shows us the stunning work that she has produced.  On Knitters of the World we meet Anneli from Hamburg, Germany.  She shares her creations which have come from many years of modifying patterns to suit her own tastes and preferences.  There’s also a tutorial looking at shaping while staying in pattern.

Fruity Knitting Video Podcast - Episode 28 - Click on the image to view!
Fruity Knitting Video Podcast – Episode 28 – Click on the image to view!

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A Passion for Lace – Interview with Monique Boonstra

Monique Boonstra is the person behind A Passion for Lace.  As a long-time knitter, Monique developed a repetitive strain injury in her hands which prevented her from working with heavier garments.  Monique saw that even larger lace shawls were still very light and easier on her hands, and so her specialization was chosen.

A Passion for Lace - Monique Boonstra with the Tea Shawl
A Passion for Lace – Monique Boonstra with the Tea Shawl

The Shetland Stars Shawl – Outlander reproduction

Monique was approached with the request to reproduce a shawl seen in the television series Outlander.  Scenes for the series provided only little information, so Monique approached the costume designer for the series.  Shortly later, Monique was given a photograph of a quarter of the square shawl, which was enough for Monique to decipher the stitch patterns required.

Monique Boonstra working on the Star Shawl, a reproduction of the shawl seen in the series Outlander
Monique Boonstra working on the Shetland Stars Shawl, a reproduction of the shawl seen in the series Outlander

Monique has published her design as the Shetland Stars Shawl.  This is a large square shawl, similar in shape to the shawl seen in the series.  Because knitting this shawl is such a huge undertaking, Monique has also produced a smaller, rectangular version of the shawl.

The Outlander shawl together with Monique's reproduction the Star Shawl
The Outlander shawl together with Monique’s reproduction, the Shetland Stars Shawl

The 12th of Never

Monique’s design The 12th of Never features a beautiful heart design, and is named after the song by Johnny Mathis.

Monique Boonstra - The 12th of Never
Monique Boonstra – The 12th of Never
Monique's Heart Stitch Pattern
Monique’s Heart Stitch Pattern

Finding Monique Boonstra

You can find Monique as:

Anneli – Fadengold – Knitters of the World

Anneli says that she now uses patterns as a guide, but enjoys modifying them to suit her own tastes.

Nancy, by Erika Knight
Nancy, by Erika Knight

Wonderful finishing on the cuffs, great texture and beautiful leather buttons put together by Anneli on this jacket by Kim Hargreaves.

Harriet, by Kim Hargreaves
Harriet, by Kim Hargreaves

Anneli lives in Hamburg, Germany’s seaside city.  Although Munich claims the title of Germany’s fashion capital, Hamburg is stylish and lively.

Finding Anneli

You can find Anneli via:

Andrea’s Dress

Andrea’s latest dress is from the Very Easy Vogue pattern V8993.

The tutorial Andrea referred to is:

Music Credits

  • Dana Boulé, Swinging in the 7th, from the album Songs for Paris, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0.  Dana Boulé is an American musician based in Paris.  She has released several albums, and her music featured in the Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris.   Find out more at danaboule.com.
  • MIT Symphony Orchestra, from the album An Opera Evening, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0
    • Gounod  Romeo et Juliette, Juliette Waltz
    • Donizetti – L’elisir d’amore, Una furtiva lagrima
  • J. S. Bach, The Well Tempered Clavier, Book 1, Prelude No. 3 in C sharp major, BWV. 848, performed by Kimiko Ishizaka, Creative Commons Atribution 3.0 License

The Up Series

The “Up Series” started in 1964 and follows the lives of 14 British school children in a video documentary.  The children were 7 years old when the series started, and they are revisited every 7 years.  The most recent episode was 56 Up, released in 2012.  The series takes its name from the Jesuit St Francis Xavier, who is credited with the quote “Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man”.


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  1. Tamara Morgan

    I love 7 Up! I watched until the latest one, which I think was 56 Up? And Andrew, you knit about as quickly as I do, so I wouldn’t fret it.

    Andrea, I appreciate your shaping in pattern videos–you’re so matter-of-fact about reading the knitting and give confidence by being confident in your ability to figure things out. Very helpful.

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