Episode 60 – Kate Larson, Spinner and Shepherdess

Kate Larson, shepherdess and spinning expert, is our guest on Episode 60.

In Episode 60 we feature a two part interview with Kate Larson who is the brand new editor of the expert spinning magazine – Spin Off. Kate is a highly knowledgeable fibre artist and shepherdess who has also published her own spinning book with Interweave. She is a very talented and generous teacher, who shares a lot of brilliant information with us that crosses over between the crafts of spinning and knitting. Our guest on Knitters of the World is the completely charming Libby from New Zealand, there is a mini tutorial from Andrea, project updates and two new KALs are announced!

Kate Larson

Kate Larson keeps a flock of Border Leicester sheep and teaches hand spinning and knitting throughout the States. She has a very impressive knowledge of the different sheep breeds and what types of yarn and projects their fleeces are best suited for. During the interview Kate shares tips on how to select a good raw fleece to spin with and how to care for it and store it. She also gives us a detailed description of how to spin worsted and woollen yarn and troubleshoots typical problems. This is an interview you will probably want to watch a few times, it’s so jam packed with info!

Troubleshooting worsted spinning on a spindle.

Patron Special

Kate is offering Fruity Knitting patrons a free set of cards with the purchase of her book The practical spinner’s guide – Wool. They are beautiful blank cards and envelopes made with recycled paper featuring photos of Kate’s own flock of sheep. All the details are at the Patreon site.

Finding Kate Larson

Made a mistake

Unfortunately we showed you the wrong sheep when presenting Corriedales during the interview. Fleece and Harmony have kindly sent us a picture of a real Corriedale for you all to see. And what a handsome sheep it is!

Corriedale Sheep
Corriedale Sheep

Image Credits

Truly Myrtle – Knitters of the World

Libby lives just outside Auckland city on a piece of land with her husband and 4 kids. After a very long stint living in London and Cambridge she’s now enjoying her peaceful rural life being a mum and designing hand knitting. Libby is a natural in front of the camera and has recently started her own YouTube channel after blogging since 2012 and having a regular audio podcast. She has a large collection of shawls in her Ravelry store and her garments include a wide range of sizes (30″ bust up to a 58″ bust).

Patron Discount – Truly Myrtle

Patron Discount of 20% on all self-published designs by Truly Myrtle

Libby is offering Fruity Knitting Patrons a 20 percent discount off all self-published patterns available in her Ravelry store. This offer is valid until 16 September 2018, full details here.

Finding Truly Myrtle

Knit For Your Man KAL

Hashtag Knit For Your Man KAL

In this KAL you are encouraged to knit a garment (adult size) for a special man in your life; your partner, son, brother, father, friend or if you are a man, for yourself. By starting now you will have your Christmas present covered for that special man. The KAL will date back from August 1st and will go until Christmas day.

Fruity Gloves and Mitts KAL

Hashtag Fruity Gloves and Mitts KAL

Our second KAL is one that Andrew particularly likes. He really needs a pair of finger-less mitts to wear when we are out in the freezing winter snow trying to fiddle with the knobs on our camera and drone to take our #ExtremeKnitting footage. Here you can enter with any gloves or mitts of your choice; plain or stranded, traditional or funky and it will go from now until Christmas day. And of course you can enter as many times as you like!

Under Construction

Andrea is working on the Mohr by Norah Gaughan, using the mYak Baby Yak Medium.

Detail from Mohr, by Norah Gaughan
Mohr, by Norah Gaughan

Andrew is working on the Carbeth Cardigan by Kate Davies.

Tutorial – Right and Left Leaning Decreases on a knit and purl row

Right & Left Leaning Decreases - Tutorial Title
Right & Left Leaning Decreases

Since it is interesting to compare how you create right and left leaning decreases both on a knit row and a purl row, Andrea has done the quickest tutorial showing that. Patrons can find the tutorial here.

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12 thoughts on “Episode 60 – Kate Larson, Spinner and Shepherdess”

  1. Hello, I seem not to have had my email notification of episode 60. I have had the tutorial and Truly Myrtle and Kate Larson but no Fruity Knitting podcast number 60…!!! I am a bit worried that you have lost me. I am an early Patreon subscriber all be it for £5.
    I do so look forward to Tuesdays. Regards Jocelyn Poole.

    1. Hi Jocelyn. We haven’t lost you. Like you said, you got the tutorial and the discounts. We were just a little bit late with the post for the Episode – but it’s there now! Thanks for your support. Andrea and Andrew.

  2. Judith Logan Junop

    I have been binge watching the episodes and could tune in anytime I wanted. I am now caught up and am excited to participate in the KAL. Downside is now I have to wait 2 weeks for the next episodes. Upside is the past episodes can be rewatched whenever I need to refresh myself.

  3. Nicole Kougioumoutzakis

    I would like to have the complete informations for both KALs, but the links don’t work. Is it because I don’t have an Instagram account?
    Thank you

  4. Kristine Hammond

    Yet again, many many thanks for another wonderful episode. Every episode is beautiful and informative and we all gain so much in the way of inspiration, knowledge and encouragement. We all gain when the knitting world grows through such podcasts.
    As such, I find it amazing and so disappointing that such a small percentage of subscribers have become patrons. Come on subscribers, take the next step and become supporters of Andrew’s and Andrea’s great work.

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  6. AS always, this was an outstanding episode. It’s very exciting for us knitters in Madison, WI. Kate is a great friend and well-known to the Madison Knitters; Guild, having been a speaker and teacher at our annual Knit-In event in March. In addition, Kate is teaching next week at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival, and is then going to be the speaker at the September meeting of the Guild, when we will learn how to identify and analyze our yarns and choose the right projects for the right yarns (notice, I’m putting the yarn first, then the project) 🙂
    I truly enjoy each and every episode of FK. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  7. Colleen Raymond

    This is such a wonderful episode! I just want to say that I guessed – before Andrew even mentioned it – that the beautiful and moving vocal of Scarborough Fair on the show was Andrea! Truly! Thank you so much for producing this consistently amazing program! You are both so talented and lovely!

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