Darkness Coat by Kim Hargreaves

In this tutorial I’m going to take you right through the Darkness coat by Kim Hargreaves.

This is a great pattern for a first garment project. If you can confidently do the knit and purl stitch and cast on, then this is a great tutorial for you. I will show you all the other techniques used to complete and sew up the garment.

Pattern and Yarn

The Darkness pattern was designed by Kim Hargreaves, and is now available in the Rowan book Myth. (Originally published in Still).  This is a great book with many patterns that you might want to knit.  I have done another tutorial on the Mist Slouchy Hat also taken from this book. (This is an affiliate link. If you buy the book from Amazon via this link, it will not cost you any more, but we will earn a small commission, which we will put towards prizes for upcoming KALs. Unfortunately this book now seems to be out of print.)

The yarn is the Rowan Brushed Fleece, and I used the colorway Nook.

You can also find my Darkness project on Ravelry.

Video Tutorial

The tutorial is available as a video on YouTube – click on the image below to go straight to the video.

Darkness Hooded Coat Video Tutorial

Click on the image to get to the video tutorial for the Darkness hooded coat

Section Links

As you work through the pattern, you can use the links below to jump directly to the next part of the tutorial video.


30 thoughts on “Darkness Coat by Kim Hargreaves”

  1. Hi Andrea love your podcasts , I am a beginner knitter and find your tutorials very helpful the best I have seen I ordered the still pattern book from America as I couldn’t find a stockist in Sydney , could you tell me how much yarn I will need for a medium size darkness coat as I will also have to order the wool from America ,and would like book and wool to arrive together so I can start straight away . Regards vicki

  2. Hi
    REALLY love that piece but can’t find the “buy” or “purchase” button on the Rowan web site.
    Please helpppp
    Thanks for all of your tutorials. I find them life saving

    1. Hi Avivit. You can buy the pattern at Ravelry or buy the pattern book Still at Rowan. The book has lots of great designs, so you could consider that. Links to both in the post above. Cheers, A + A.

  3. Hello, I just ordered and received Still from Amazon.co.uk. If that helps. My ‘queue’ has doubled since watching your podcast. It’s the one I enjoy watching the most. Linda

  4. There is no price or buy this pattern button on Ravelry. The pattern is there but no way to buy or download the pattern. Please check it to see what we are all talking about. Thanks. I’d love to make this coat before it gets cold. Gale Hoerle

    1. Hi Gale. If you’re in the US, you can use the link to the book “Still” in the article above. Outside the US you can check at your local yarn store, or order it from your bookseller. Cheers, A + A.

  5. I have to say I am so glad I found you on YouTube! I have only ever knitted a cowel and was looking for YouTube vidios that would help me learn beyond how to knit or pearl but how to put the whole thing together. Thank you so much for sharing your gift of knitting! I learned to crochet through YouTube 6 months ago and now I want to start knitting. I am still in the stage of watching and learning. I will order the book of pattern book and knit this beautiful peice along with you. My only question is, as I am living in Israel is there any kind of yarn I can substitute for the Rawan yarn?

  6. Hello! I am anxiously awaiting for the arrival of my book. I have watched the beginning of the video and am curious as to starting in stockinette stitch.. Will the garment not curl as a result?

  7. Hi Andrew, I’m making the darkness coat, there is something I don’t understand.Sleeves in the paragraph next row the 6th line it says ( 14th, 14th,12th then there is some kind of symbol what does it means, it looks like -:- and on the next line there is the same thing. Can you help me?

    1. Hi Joanne. We are struggling to keep up with the work to get the next Episode out, and some preparation for a big event coming up, so I can’t dig out the pattern right now. But spontaneously I would say that the instructions are giving the options for the different sizes – for the first size, do what ever it is on the 14th row, for the second size do it on the 14th row, third size 12th row, etc. Where it says “-:-” I think it is saying that it is not required for those sizes. Would that make sense? We might get further if you put in the full context of the instruction. Otherwise try the Ravelry page for the pattern maybe?

  8. Natalie A Garrison

    I am unable to find this pattern anywhere. It seems to be out of print. Does anyone have an idea how I could get this pattern?

    1. Hi Natalie. It is out of print unfortunately. I think your only hope is to keep an eye out for a secondhand copy of the Still book.

  9. Hi Natalie, I found the book just before Christmas (2018) at Love Knitting. They appear to be a UK based company. I suggest you Google “Love Knitting” and see what comes up for your region. I ordered both wool and the book from them and am off to do my first big/real garment project. Thank you A+A on your great podcast.

  10. Hi All,
    Just a heads up that I found several secondhand copies of the book for sale on Ravely and for a reasonable price. I may also be willing to part with my copy now that I’ve knitted up the coat.

  11. How many scanes do I need to buy for this jacket please. I can’t see where that is mentioned anywhere. Thank you so much.

  12. Hi there, this pattern is available again in another published book of Kim Hargreaves named “Myth”. As soon as Ive finished other projects…Ill try this. Kindest bjmonitas

  13. Sandra Davenport

    I really want to knit this jacket, However, the book is out of print, and I can’t find anyplace to buy the book used or the pattern separately. Any ideas anyone? Used copies on Amazon are offered for $998! I kid you not.

  14. Sandra Davenport

    I got the pattern directly from Kim Hargreaves in a pattern book called MYTH. I think it is book # 08. It came really fast, not too expensive. kimhargreaves.co.uk

    Good luck. I’m excited to knit the darkness coat, but saving up for yarn. Good luck

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