Mist Slouchy Ribbed Hat by Kim Hargreaves

This a great pattern for an inexperienced knitter. If you can confidently do the knit and purl stitch and cast on, then this hat is a great project for you. The hat is knitted in a Fisherman’s Rib (knit stitch only) which produces a thick, springy and lush reversible fabric which will keep you really warm.

Pattern and Yarn

This pattern was designed by Kim Hargreaves, and is available in the Rowan book Still.  The Darkneess Cosy Hooded Coat is also taken from this book.

The yarn is the Rowan Kid Classic and Rowan Kidsilk Haze. For the Kid Classic I used the shade Canard (871) and for the Kidsilk Haze I used Alhambra (666).

Video Tutorial

Click on the image to get to the video tutorial for the Mist Slouchy Hat.
Click on the image to get to the video tutorial for the Mist Slouchy Hat.

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Mist Slouchy Hat by Kim Hargreaves

4 thoughts on “Mist Slouchy Ribbed Hat by Kim Hargreaves”

  1. Karen Bochinski

    Thanks so much for all these wonderful podcast and videos. It is so refreshing to hear from an expert in her field.

    1. Hi Linda,

      In theory, I guess you could modify the pattern to be knitted in the round, but I wouldn’t recommend it, particularly for a new knitter. Take the chance to have some success with seaming on a small project, and then you’ll be happy to use it for bigger projects. Seaming is a great tool to have in your repertoire.

  2. does anyone have this pattern available? The book is no longer in print. Im a beginner and I love this pattern and would like to follow the tutorial.

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