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We are covering “sheep to shawl” in Episode 7 in our interview with Canadian founders of the Philosopher’s Wool Company, Ann and Eugene Bourgeois.  Our guest knitter takes us to Austin, Texas, and we also visit a witches hut deep in the German woods.  Dealing with gauge in Fair Isle projects, and more knitting fun.

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Lovage, by Marie Wallin

Lovage, by Marie Wallin

Andrea’s current project is Lovage, a fairisle sweater designed by Marie Wallin.

The pattern is available in the book Windswept, a collection of Marie Wallin’s patterns in fairisle, cables and a little crochet.

Andrew’s Socks

The saga continues…

Knitters of the World – Steven Self

Steven Self from Austin, Texas, is our guest on Knitters of the World this Episode.
You can find Steven:
Ravelry: steven
Instagram: @sevenlefts  (Check out his resident Armadillos!)
Twitter: @sevenlefts
Blog: knittingsitting

From the Archives

Guido by Carlo Volpi

Guido, by Carlo Volpi

Carlo Volpi is a London based menswear knitwear designer who did a MA Textiles programme specializing in knit at the Royal College of Art in London.

The Guido pattern was published in the Rowan Knitting and Crochet Magazine number 55.

The yarn is the Rowan Purelife Revive, which is made from recycled cotton, silk and viscose.

Andrea’s 1950s top

This is an original 1950s short-sleeved woolen top, knitted by Andreas grandmother around 50 years ago.

Interview – Ann and Eugene Bourgeois – The Philosopher’s Wool Company

Ann and Eugene Bourgeois are the founders of The Philosopher’s Wool Company.  Their DVD provides a beautiful guide to Fair Isle garment construction, including the Two-Handed Fair Isle technique that Ann and Eugene have taught for decades.  You can buy the DVD and the Philosopher’s yarns and patterns via their website or at their farm shop.
The Philosopher’s Wool Company

Ann and Eugene Bourgeois
Ann and Eugene Bourgeois of The Philosopher’s Wool Co

Eugene talked about the campaign against the construction of a nuclear waste facility by the banks of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada.  You can find out more about the campaign at:
Friends of Bruce
SOS Great Lakes (Website should be opened in August.)




5 thoughts on “Philosopher’s Wool – Knitting is love”

  1. I loved your interview – it moved me almost to tears (that wasn’t truthful, but I dont want to seem like a sap). Thank you. I’m loving this podcast on so many different levels.

    1. Hi Nicki. It was wonderful to be able to present this story – and very generous of Ann and Eugene. I always think it must be an inspiration to all the smaller yarn producers and dyers around now. Thanks for watching and for your comments. Andrew.

  2. Hi–it may be too late to have this comment read. But this was just a delightful episode–I’m in awe of Steven’s lace abilities and love the socks. But as a Canadian, I want to say how touched and delighted I was by the Philosophers. What a lovely couple. Their book on Simplified Fair Isle is available on Amazon in Canada for $10 Cdn on Kindle–an e-book. It looks very clear and readable in that format and it’s on my list for next month’s kindle trawl. I’m going through your podcasts somewhat at random and you’re my favourite knitting podcast, with Arne and Carlos coming a close second. An interview with them would be a hoot. I hope your daughter is still having a good time in Australia–she’s beautiful and charming. Cheers.

    1. Thanks, Margot. Madeleine is having a wonderful time, just now travelling down from Alice Springs to Adelaide, through the real outback. She’ll be back home soon, which is exciting for us. Thanks for watching. A + A.

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