Hand-knitted Toys and Rowan Yarns

Fruity Knitting Podcast – Episode 8

In Episode 8, Lorraine Pistorio tells us about her stunning hand-knitted toys, we meet Valérie Miller as our guest on Knitters of the World, and Andrea reveals why she loves Rowan yarns.  Plus Marie Wallin’s Lovage, KAL prizes (win a 25 Pound gift voucher) and, of course, we see how Andrew is getting on with his socks.

Bring and Brag

Baa-ble Hat by Donna Smith

Andrea shows us her Baa-ble Hat, designed by Donna Smith as the official pattern of the 2015 Shetland Wool Week.  This is a very popular pattern with over 4000 projects on Ravelry.  It’s quick to knit up and a satisfying way to get into the world of Fair Isle knitting.

Donna Smith is a textile designer, local to the Shetland islands, with knitting in her DNA.  She works to preserve Shetland knitting, documenting designs and techniques which may otherwise be lost.

Donna’s design “Houlland” was featured in Kate Davies’ recent publication “The Book of Haps”.

You can find Donna Smith as @donnasmithdesigns on Instagram or at donnasmithdesigns.co.uk.

A lot of people had trouble with the gauge on this design, so Susan B Anderson published some modifications which a lot of people have found helpful.

Under Construction

Lovage, by Marie Wallin

The Lovage jumper is almost finished, and Madeleine is looking forward to wearing it.  The final touch is some crochet on the sleeves, but Andrea can’t do crochet, so it’s off to YouTube to learn something new.

Andrew’s socks

Andrew has just completed the heal flap on his second pair of socks.  The slip-one knit-one pattern on the heal provided  a surprising challenge, with almost regular (unwanted) yarn-overs at one or both ends.  We’re aiming to have the socks finished by winter.

Knitters of the World – Valérie Miller

Valérie Miller Design – Fileuse

Our guest on Knitters of the World this Episode is Valérie Miller, from Cambridge in Ontario, Canada.  You can find Valérie and her beautiful designs at:

Valérie Miller Design - Spinster Slouch
Valérie Miller Design – Spinster Slouch

KAL Knews

First Garment KAL

Thank you to everyone joining the First Garment KAL.  Andrew will be getting into his jacket, as soon as he’s finished the socks, figured out a pattern, and got some wool…  We are working on it, honestly.

The prize for the First Garment KAL is the book “The Knowledgeable Knitter” by Margaret Radcliffe.  This book will be invaluable for the budding garment knitter, or the experienced one!

Fair Isle Garment KAL

The prize for the Fair Isle Garment KAL is a 25 Pound gift voucher from Alice Starmore yarns (Virtual Yarns), which gives you free delivery anywhere in the world!

Thank you to everyone who is joining in and contributing to the discussions on the Ravelry thread.

Interview – Lorraine Pistorio – Knitted Toys

Lorraine Pistorio - Designer of beautiful hand-knitted children's toys
Lorraine Pistorio – Designer of beautiful hand-knitted children’s toys

Lorraine’s wonderful knitted toy patterns are available on Ravelry:

Lorraine Pistorio – Lion

8 thoughts on “Hand-knitted Toys and Rowan Yarns”

  1. Lorraine Pistorio

    Thanks so much, Andrea, for including my interview in your wonderful, informative podcast! I enjoyed chatting with you about my animals! 🙂

    1. Lorraine, it was a pleasure for us and a treat for our viewers to speak with you and see your wonderful designs. Thank you so much for taking the time to come on the show. Andrea and Andrew.

  2. Karen Bochinski

    I really enjoyed the interview with Lorraine Pistorio. It is so wonderful to see someone design toys that can be knitted in the round and with magic loop. Lorraine Pistorio truly has such a unique talent and I have favorited several toys in my ravelry notebook. I love shaping and short rows and especially making toys. I have enjoyed making Susan B. Andersons’s toys that have been in the round too. I like Lorraine Pistorio sells her pattern individually.

  3. Today I had time for another episode – I do enjoy your podcast. I think this is the episode where you mention Kaffe Fasset (or was it episode 9?) Anyway, I heard him speak at an exhibition last year, he said everyone wonders about how to pronounce his name. He told us it should rhyme with “safe asset”, so now you know.

  4. What a great interview. I enjoyed listening to Lorraine and seeing her beautiful knitted toy work. Simply amazing. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. I’m not quite sure anymore, if it was in this episode or the one before, that Andrea showed some of Marie Wallin’s designs for Rowan. There was a black cardigan with silver-grey ornaments, a bit baroque style, beautiful! Does anyone know the name of the pattern, please? I can’t find it!

  6. Gabi, I have just found that sweater as I loved it too. It’s called ‘Buttermere’. It’s from Lakeland #2 and also on Ravelry.

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