Episode 32 – Lace Knitting – Romi Hill

Fruity Knitting Podcast - Episode 32 - Click to view

In Episode 32 of the Fruity Knitting Podcast we interview a very talented designer Romi Hill who is well known for her  beautiful lace designs as well as her knitted and crocheted jewelry. We go to one of the most exotic places on earth to meet Christie our guest on Knitters of the World. New Releases and #Extremeknitting features as well as an indepth look at one of Tilly and the Buttons sewing patterns ( a new dress for Madeleine). Andrew is decreasing while staying in pattern on his Fair Isle hat.

Fruity Knitting Podcast - Episode 32 - Click to view
Fruity Knitting Podcast – Episode 32 – Click to view

Romi Hill – Lace Knitting and more

Romi’s work has been published in Vogue Knitting, Interweave Knits, Knitscene and Twist Collective. Romi’s latest book is:

New Lace Knitting: Designs for Wide Open Spaces

New Lace Knitting: Designs for Wide Open Spaces is organised by themes, with each of the six chapters looking at a different traditional lace stitch or pattern. By mixing up motives, yarns and styling details Romi shows the versatility of these stitch patterns.  The book contains 19 patterns in all, covering both garments and accessories.

New Lace Knitting, by Rosemary (Romi) Hill
New Lace Knitting, by Rosemary (Romi) Hill

Romi is a multi-talented designer and connoisseur of beautiful things. She is well known and respected for her lace garments and shawl designs but also for her crochet and knitted Jewelry making skills, which resulted in the book Elements of Style, published by Interweave Press.

Elements of Style, by Rosemary Hill
Elements of Style, by Rosemary Hill

Finding Romi Hill

Anne & Co by Monique Boonstra – New Releases

The recommended yarn for Monique’s latest design Anne & Co is the Rowan Kidsilk Haze.  The standard patterns requires a single skein, but the design can be extended if a longer cowl is wanted.

Anne & Co, by Monique Boonstra
Anne & Co, by Monique Boonstra

Finding Anne & Co, and Monique Boonstra

Find the pattern at:

Christie Wareham-Norfolk, Exmouth, Western Australia – Knitters of the World

Christie moved 9 years ago from the UK with her husband to one of the most remote places on Earth, Exmouth in northern West Australia.

Exmouth, Western Australia

Her nearest LYS is 1300 km north of the state capital Perth and the next town is a 3.5 hour drive away. Winter temperatures average mid 20° c ( 70/80° f) and maximums in summer go over 45°c (114°f) but this doesn’t stop Christie from knitting!

Yardie Creek
Yardie Creek

Christie has organised  a local project which is knitting and crocheting a coral reef for public display. There are no patterns for this so much of the work is free form knitting and crocheting inspired by photographs of the World Heritage Ningaloo reef near by.

Turtle with coral, by Christie Wareham-Norfolk
Turtle with coral, by Christie Wareham-Norfolk

Finding Christie

Zadie Dress from Tilly and the Buttons

The Zadie dress is a super cute dress designed by Tilly and the Buttons for medium weight stretch knit fabrics.

Madeleine with her Zadie Dress, by Tilly and the Buttons

The dress has very striking Z shaped seams going from the neckline to the armpits as a raglan sleeve, then back to the waist and out again to the side seams forming a neat triangular point. This makes the dress suitable for using different colour blocks.

Zadie Dress, from Tilly and the Buttons

Andrea fell in love with a black and white print and decided to combine it with a simple black double knit for the side panels, sleeves and neckband. She did take a risk because the black and white fabric stretches in only one direction (length ways). (Didn’t we just have something about using the wrong fabric..??)  Andrea counteracted this by cutting out the bodice and skirt pieces in the opposite direction as stated in the pattern. This meant that the bodice piece would stretch width ways. She thinks she has got away with this. Madeleine looks great in it and loves the dress, so it has been declared a success! (Phew.)

Zadie Dress, by Tilly and the Buttons

Finding the Zadie Dress

Bousta Beanie by Gudrun Johnson

We have had to make some decisions here and modify the pattern. It seems I have an unusual shaped head, not very long when you measure from the crown to my earlobe. There are a few comments on ravelry saying the Bousta Beanie was too long for people so they cut out repeats. I am taking a risk here because I’m not up to following a modified chart while decreasing and I need to shorten the length a lot, I want it to be 19 cm long and the hat says 25cm so I am cutting out 3 repeats. Wish me luck!

You can get the Bousta Beanie pattern for free by signing up for the  Shetland Wool Week newsletter.

Lace Garment and Hap KAL

Our Lace garment and Hap Knitalong is coming to an end on the 3oth of June. This has been a wonderful KAL, lots of people have taken part in it both very experienced knitters and less experienced and it has been wonderful to follow every bodies progress. We will announce the prize winners of the KAL in our next episode. We would really love to showcase your work on our podcast so we want to encourage you to submit a 20 sec selfie. We will make a Lace garment and Hap KAL selfie collage for you. We have done this before with previous KALs so many of you will know how it works.

The Fruity Lace Garment or Hap KAL Final Video Selfies – woo hoo !!!

Get your videos up to the Fruity Lace Garment/Hap KAL Dropbox by 16th July

It goes something like this:

  • Wear your garment! (Did anyone knit a garment for anyone but themselves???)
  • Say, “Hi, I’m (your name) and this is my (your pattern’s name).”
  • Say “I knitted it with (yarn name) yarn.” Then you have a few options.
  • “Lace knitting has changed my life.”
  • “I have neglected my work / husband / children to get this finished.”
  • “(something short of your own choice)”

And look at the camera and smile!!!

But you only get twenty seconds!!! (And please be nice to the sound man. No trucks or aeroplanes nearby.)

Thank you for taking part in the KAL. We are looking forward to presenting the videos, and the big prize draw!!

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  1. Hi, haven’t watched this episode yet. I found your podcast not long ago and I’m working my way through them. I’ve just watched episode 23 and Andrew mentioned about his mom. Have you heard about Twiddle-mitts? Knitted muffs with buttons etc. Attached which are supposedly to have a calming effect.

    Love your show.

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