Episode 99 – Double Knitting – Alasdair Post-Quinn

Another full and varied program awaits you in Episode 99. Our feature interview is with the double knitting expert Alasdair Post-Quinn who has been described as having developed double knitting way beyond anyone previously. In New Releases we see a beautiful shawl inspired by the flint work on the local Norfolk cottages and since it’s nearly the merry month of May with all its springtime associations, we have a segment on lambing. Kim Goodling from Grand View Farm in Vermont gives us a description of the things she needs to do and look out for to be a good sheep midwife to her flock of Gotlands. There is plenty of extremely cute lamb footage in this segment. Then of course Andrew and I give you an update on our own knitting projects, we talk about substituting yarns and our daughter Madeleine pops in to say hello.

Double Knitting with Alasdair Post-Quinn

Alasdair Post-Quinn with his design, 52 Pickup

Since the 1980s more knitters have been exploring double knitting and pushing the boundaries of the technique to include more complex colour and structural variations. In recent years Alasdair has become known as one of the most innovative double-knitters because of how he’s combining double knitting with other knitting techniques.

Ferronnerie by Alasdair Post-Quinn, combining double knitting with entrelac, inspired by wrought ironwork. This pattern is available in his book, Double or Nothing.

Double Knitting books by Alasair Post-Quinn

Alasdair has written two books, Extreme Double Knitting and Double or Nothing and he’s also very active as a teacher. Alasdair teaches nine different Double Knitting courses combining lots of traditional knitting techniques with double knitting. He has greatly developed techniques like double knitting lace, double knitting cables, double knitting entrelac and the list goes on. After briefly meeting Alasdair at Vogue Knitting Live in New York earlier this year, I was thrilled to be able to interview him about his work.

Extreme Double Knitting, by Alasdair Post-Quinn
Double or Nothing, by Alasdair Post-Quinn

Alasdair starts the interview off by showing us some of his designs with the highest wow factor. It doesn’t matter if you can’t yet do these difficult knitting techniques, it’s just wonderful and inspirational to know that the techniques are out there waiting for us as possibilities.

Waterford Crossing by Alasdair Post-Quinn, from his book, Double or Nothing

Finding Alasdair Post-Quinn

Field Flint by Knorfolknots

Field Flint by Knorfolknots

In New Releases Gianna (Knorfolknots) shows us her latest design Field Flint. Field Flint is inspired by the flint work on the local Norfolk cottages and churches.

Flint stones used in buildings and walls in Norfolk

Gianna shows us three different versions of the shawl, two of them using natural dyed yarn from a local Norfolk dyer Aviva Leigh.

Field Flint by Knorfolknots

Patron Discount – Knorfolknots

Gianna of Knorfolknots is offering Fruity Knitting Patrons a 25 percent discount off the Field Flint shawl. This offer is valid until 12 May 2020, full details here.

Patron Discount – Knorfolknots

Vermont Grand View Farm

Kim Goodling from Vermont Grand View Farm

Lambing is where our beloved woolen jumpers, hats and gloves all start and we think it’s a good idea to be reminded about this.  Last year we asked one of our Meet the Shepherdess guests, Fleece and Harmony, to come on the show again and talk about their life during lambing season. Many of you found it very interesting so we have decided to do it again this year.

Gotland ewe with lamb

Kim Goodling breeds Gotland sheep and lambing season is perhaps her favourite time of year because of all the new life and joy it brings. Kim gives us a very good description of what she needs to do during lambing to ensure the health of her flock. There is often one or two little lambs that either don’t get accepted by their mothers or have difficulty feeding and Kim needs to step in and help there as well.

Gotland lambs

Patron Discount – Vermont Grand View Farm

Kim and Chuck of Vermont Grand View Farm are offering Fruity Knitting Patrons a 15 percent discount off everything in their online store (except maple syrup and ebooks). Offer valid until 12 May 2020, full details here.

Patron Discount – Vermont Grand View Farm

Under Construction

Celestial – Martin Storey

Andrew has finished the easy back piece of his Celestial by Martin Storey, and has swatched the lace and cable pattern. He’s now ready to attempt the challenging front piece.

Celestial by Martin Storey, back, plus the swatch for the front pattern

Skye – Marie Wallin

The body and sleeves of Andrea’s Skye by Marie Wallin have been joined together, we’re on the home run now.

Skye by Marie Wallin

Bring and Brag

Madeleine has completed the Glacier Hat by Toft to learn the stranded knitting technique.

Glacier Hat by TOFT

We were wearing

All together this fine weather!

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5 thoughts on “Episode 99 – Double Knitting – Alasdair Post-Quinn”

  1. Happy Birthday, Andrea! When it comes to yarn substitutions, may I suggest yarnsub.com? What they refer to as a “custom-built search engine” is a simple-to-use search tool that yields a tremendous amount of information and saves a mountain of time. Please give it a try!

  2. Christine McCabe

    Love Andrew’s talk about flint. Every summer here in Western NY they have a Stone Tool Show in Letchworth State Park. There are flint kidnapping demonstrations and people selling suitable napping materials from around the U.S. It is a great time and there is always a vendor with roving to buy for spinning! Thanks for a great episode! Christine

  3. Melissa Jane Gallagher

    Hi what is the name of your gorgeous emerald sweater your wearing with the eyelets please

    1. Hi Melissa. Check the section “We were wearing” – we try to list all the garments that we’ve worn in each Episode.

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