Episode 34 – Veronik Avery

Episode 34 - Veronik Avery - Fruity Knitting Podcast

In Episode 34 of the Fruity Knitting Podcast we are joined by Veronik Avery, Montreal-based designer and member of the design team of Brooklyn Tweed. Veronik shares her designing tips and talks to us about her work at Brooklyn Tweed. Emily Greene presents her new shawl Diagrid in New Releases, and we meet Mrs Mumpitz, from Sweden, creator of wonderful knitted toys, as our guest on Knitters of the World. Andrew is starting Brioche and Andrea is making a gentle return to knitting with a Romi Hill design.

Episode 34 - Veronik Avery - Fruity Knitting Podcast
Episode 34 – Veronik Avery – Fruity Knitting Podcast

Veronik Avery – Interview

Veronik Avery describes herself as a knitwear designer by day and a seamstress by night. Her background is in costume design for the theatre and her extensive technical knowledge on garment construction has contributed to her reputation as a top level knitwear designer.

Veronik Avery - Fuse (Copyright Jared Flood)
Veronik Avery – Fuse (Copyright Jared Flood)

Veronik’s designs were first published in Interweave Magazine and in 2012 Brooklyn Tweed snapped her up to become part of their design team. Her designs can be described as elegant, very wearable and with a little mystic just like Veronik herself.

Veronik Avery - Trailhead (Copyright Jared Flood)
Veronik Avery – Trailhead (Copyright Jared Flood)

Finding Veronik

Emily Greene – Diagrid – New Releases

Emily’s beautiful shawl is a definite stash buster because the design works with so many different yarn weights.

Emily Green - Diagrid
Emily Green – Diagrid

Finding Emily

Doreen Blask – Mrs Mumpitz – Knitters of the World

It’s every child’s dream that their mum will knit their favourite picture book character into a toy. Doreen is definitely a ‘wonder-mum’ with the toys she has made for her two little boys so far.

Doreen Blask - Mrs Mumpitz - Toucan Tim
Doreen Blask – Mrs Mumpitz – Toucan Tim

We love the very hungry caterpillar, but there are many other creatures to choose from.

Doreen Blask - Mrs Mumpitz - Gecko
Doreen Blask – Mrs Mumpitz – Gecko

Finding Mrs Mumpitz

Doreen’s portfolio does go beyond delightful creatures for young and old, so go and check out her designs.

Manzanita Tee by Romi Hill

Andrea is easing her way back into knitting. She is trying different knitting styles to  alternate what muscle groups she uses and reduce the risk of her arm problems coming back. She plans to alternate between Portuguese, Continental and English style knitting on the stocking stitch section on the body of the Manzanita Tee.

Rosemary Hill - Manzanita
Rosemary Hill – Manzanita Tee

This elegant design is worked from the top down starting with a provisional cast on. There is a small section of lace and then plain sailing stockinette in the round for the body and sleeves ending with a picot hem. You later pick up and knit the collar on top of the lace section.

You can find our interview with designer Romi Hill in Episode 32.

Andrea is using the recommended yarn Road to China Light – Fibre Co. which is a blend of 65% baby alpaca, 15% silk, 10% cashmere, 10% camel in the colourway Apatite.

Agnes Jersey Top by Tilly and the Buttons

Tilly and the Buttons patterns are fast becoming favourites with Andrea and Madeleine (who is the recipient of many of the finished projects). The Agnes Jersey Top is very simple to sew and with all the possible variations between long and short, ruched or straight sleeves and neckline, it’s  going to be sewn many times.

Fruity Brioche Kal

Andrea was looking into decreasing in Brioche last night, and weighing up my wool, and it’s all looking promising.


Andrew's first Brioche project - Another adhoc design by Andrea
Andrew’s first Brioche project – Another adhoc design by Andrea

We would love you to join us in our Brioche adventure, so we are launching the Fruity Brioche Kal. The official start is 1 August, but you can start thinking about your patterns. You can start with a hat or simple scarf, or here’s some inspiration for the more adventurous.

Nancy Marchant - Willow
Nancy Marchant – Willow

Andrea Mowry can also provide some ideas.

Andrea Mowry - Ronan
Andrea Mowry – Ronan

We’ll be starting a thread on Ravelry very soon. Start thinking about your patterns and we look forward to seeing you there.

Music Credits

Music credits are listed at the end of the Episode, or visit back here shortly…!!!


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  1. Hello Andrea and Madeleine, I’ve been going back and re-watching all of the FK episodes, and they are such a joy. One of the things I love most is your careful choice of music for each guest and segment. Your use of Debussy Premiere Arabesque at the end of this episode was so beautiful, it literally brought me to tears. I am a huge fan of Debussy though, and his works always produce an emotional reaction in me, I’m not quite sure why. This piece in particular makes me think of water tinkling off of rocks in a forest brook. I have no idea if that was Debussy’s intention, but that’s where my mind always goes. It fills me with joy and sadness all at the same time, I can’t quite explain it. I hope you both are well and please know that even though we have never met, I care about you all very much. xo Miss K on patreon

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