Episode 72 – Martin Storey

Martin Storey is our interview guest in Episode 72. Martin has to be considered one of the greatest knitwear designers of our time, so we were privileged to be able to visit him in his north Devon home and speak with him. This interview goes wide and deep. We follow Martin’s personal path of knitting and design inspiration but also look at knitwear design across the decades, with Martin showing us his favourite vintage knitting patterns. Given his huge contribution to the craft of hand knitting, this is an interview to savor.

Meet the Shepherdess brings a change of pace as we meet Gretchen of Solitude Wool. Gretchen is a shepherdess but also has a deep knowledge of fleeces, yarn construction and natural dying. Gretchen and her four partners at Solitude wool specialize in the production of breed-specific yarns, with a focus on rare and heritage breeds.

And Jennifer Beale joins us, again, in New Releases, we’ve got updates on our own projects, and we are announcing another KAL. Settle in!

Martin Storey

Martin Storey has been a hand knit designer since the 80s and has worked as one of Rowan’s leading designers for over 25 years. His work is equally brilliant in every category, whether it be garments and accessories for women, men or children, or designs for the home décor. Although Martin has designed stunning garments using nearly every conceivable knitting technique, he is best known for his wonderful textured and cabled designs. We loved visiting Martin at his very beautiful home which overlooks the sea in north Devon and we hope, through this interview, that you will enjoy getting to know Martin and his work.

Finding Martin Storey

Patron Discount – Martin Storey

Martin is offering Fruity Knitting Patrons a 15% discount on his independently produced books which you will find on is website. He has produced 8 books, most of them are geared around introducing the inexperienced knitter to Fair Isle, cables and other techniques. You will also find some of the lovely men’s designs and blankets that he showed us in the interview in the books. Martin is also offering a 25% discount on his latest ‘It’s a Wrap’ collection. You can find all details of the discounts here.

Solitude Wool – Meet the Shepherdess

Gretchen from Solitude Wool came to sheep farming with a background in fibre. She is very knowledgeable about fleeces, spinning and natural plant dying. Together with 4 partners, Solitude Wool is now producing 17 different breed specific yarns.  Their aim is to help local farmers get more value from their yearly clip and to encourage the farming of heritage and endangered sheep breeds, therefore keeping the genetic diversity alive.

Gretchen uses the local plants around her farm to dye the yarns. It sometimes takes her a couple of days to create a large dye pot and then she can do multiple batches, resulting in different shades of the same colour.

Finding Solitude Wool

Patron Discount – Solitude Wool

Gretchen and her partners are offering Fruity Knitting Patrons a 15% discount off everything in their online store. There are fine, medium and long wool and primate fleece yarns available as well as roving. The yarns are both in natural shades and hand dyed with natural plants. Full details of the offer are available here. Thank you to Solitude Wool.

Joe Batt’s Arm by Jennifer Beale – New Releases

Jennifer Beale is back on the show with her latest design Joe Batt’s Arm. Back in episode 62, Jennifer showed us a couple of great designs, one of which was inspired by the Star Trek series. Those two designs were her first published patterns. Since then Jennifer has published 5 more designs. Each of them are very individual and use construction techniques that are quite out of the box. If you love exploring new and interesting ways of doing things, Jennifer is your designer!

Patron Discount – Jennifer Beale

Fruity Knitting Patrons receive an extremely generous 40% discount off all Jennifer’s patterns for a limited time – full details here. Thank you Jennifer!

Winding Cast-On

Andrea has started the Sculpted Frost design by Linda Marveng using the Pellsull yarn in Tinde. She has learned a new cast on that serves as an effective and easy provisional cast on. Included is a short tutorial because if you don’t already know it, you’ll want to.

Aberdeen Argyll Sweater by Martin Storey

What are we wearing?

Andrea is wearing the Aquila by Louisa Harding and Andrew is wearing Whelk by Martin Storey. In the interview Andrea is wearing Henry VIII by Alice Starmore.

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  1. Wonderful episode! Thanks for the insightful look at Martin Storey. BTW, someone on Etsy is selling Rowan Fine Tweed yarn. I hope that Solitude Yarns is a vendor at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this year. I will make sure to visit their booth. Thank you again for a wonderful journey for 90 minutes.

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