Episode 86 – Olgajazzy & Saxon Merinos

Innovative designer Olgajazzy, or Olga Buraya-Kefelian, is our feature interview guest in Episode 86. This is a two part interview where we cover lots of interesting knitting concepts and Olga shows us some of her extremely stylish designs.

Then we have Constance Caddell, who is featuring again in our Knitters of the World segment. Constance is a very talented and prolific maker and she shares her latest knitting project which really is a masterpiece. The other segment is one both Andrew and I are particularly excited about. We visit an Australian sheep farm for Meet the Shepherdess.

So we’ve got some great guests so we hope by the end of the episode, you will feel very inspired with your knitting.

Olgajazzy – Olga Buraya-Kefelian

Olgajazzy – Kune Kune

Olga is a knitwear technician with a high sense of fashion. Her mother was a highly trained professional tailor and as a girl, Olga was helping her draft sewing patterns. Through this experience she inadvertently learnt a lot about garment construction and fashion. You could say she had an amazing head start but knitwear design wasn’t something her family encouraged her to do. It was, however, something that she deeply wanted to do and she came back to it as Olgajazzy after studying languages.

Moko Moko by Olgajazzy

During the interview we cover lots of interesting concepts like modular knitting, 3D knitting, advanced brioche. We also look at machine knitting techniques that can be used in hand knitting.

You may recall that Andrew knitted the Miura Cowl by Olgajazzy. You can hear about that in Episode 80.

Finding Olgajazzy

Millpost Merino

Murray and Harry of Millpost Farm

Murray and Harry Watson work the 6th generation family sheep farm which is near Canberra, Australia. Their parents introduced permaculture farming techniques back in the 80s to help them combat drought, erosion and the harsh Australian climate. The sheep are Saxon Merinos and are bred purely for the extremely high quality of their fleece (between 14 -17 micron count), they aren’t bred for meat.

Australian Kelpies at work

In recent years they decided that instead of sending all their yarn off to be made into underwear, sportswear and fine suits, they would make their own yarn. Their story is very interesting, and the footage is fantastic.

Skirting the fleece
Saxon Poll Merino fleece

The footage in this segment succeeded in making Andrew and I very homesick!

Shearing at the Millpost farm

Patron Discount – Millpost Merino

Millpost Merino are kindly offering Fruity Knitting Patrons a 20 percent discount off everything in their online store, including their superfine merino yarns, cones and combed wool tops for spinning. There is also a book on how they incorporated permaculture into their farming practices, which looks like a good read. They are offering free international shipping for orders over AUD 100 (USD 68), and for orders over AUD 100 (USD 35) the shipping rate is USD 8. This offer is valid until 22 October, full details available here.

Millpost Merino Fruity Knitting Patron Discount
Millpost Merino are offering Fruity Knitting Patrons a 20 percent discount!

Finding Millpost Merino

Patron Only Knit A Long – #millpostmerinokal

Millpost Merino

To kick off the new Fruity Knitting Patron Community space we thought we’d also start a Patron only KAL. You can enter any project you like, as long as it’s knitted in the Millpost merino yarn. You can also use Millpost merino yarn that has been hand dyed. We will run the KAL from September 1st until January 31st 2020. All the details can be found in the Community forum here.

Under Construction

Morning Star Bridal Jacket – Christel Seyfarth

Beginnings of the Morning Star jacket by Christel Seyfarth

The design is knitted bottom up starting with the peplem. This is knitted flat in moss stitch together with little golden bubbles. Next up are the three pin tucks then I need to join the bodice with steek stitches to knit the Fair Isle in the round.

Morning Star Bridal Jacket

Christel Seyfarth Lambswool Yarn

Celyn – Michele Wang

Celyn by Michele Wang

Andrew didn’t quite manage the promised two sleeves but it still looks gorgeous.

Celyn – Michele Wang

John Arbon – Devonia DK

Knitters of the World – Constance Caddell

Constance Caddell

Whatever Constance makes, turns out stunningly, whether it be knitting, crochet or sewing. This time Constance shares her latest knitting project with you which really is a masterpiece, you will love it!

Jane Seymore design by Alice Starmore – knitted by Constance Caddell

Finding Constance Caddell

We were wearing

Video Credits

  • Video footage of Millpost Merino was produced by Honey Atkinson from Will Work for Food (willworkforfood.com.au).

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6 thoughts on “Episode 86 – Olgajazzy & Saxon Merinos”

  1. Hi Andrew & Andrea, I enjoy your podcast very much. Andrea I think your finished projects look better than the originals; your adaptations are improvements.
    I also wanted to tell you that much to my disappointment and surprise, Jamieson’s of Shetland cannot ship to the US or Canada because of some kind of trade regulations. Their heather colors are so beautiful. Alas. (There is a retailer who carries Jamieson but only DK and I am more comfortable with Aran at this early stage of my experience.)
    All the best to you!!
    Chuck Roemer, USA

  2. Where so I start?! Andrea, your St Lunaire Griquet looks so beautiful on you. The purple was a perfect choice for the contrast. I found myself gazing at the patterning while you spoke. It’s extremely elegant.
    Then, as soon as I saw Muzza and Hazza I thought they looked Aussie! I’ll have to join in the promotion even though I’m about to receive my Christel Seyfarth yarn!
    Everything about this episode was,brilliant! I can’t wait to try some of Olga’s work too. She’s such a sweetie! And I loved her approach, that if you write the instructions well, you can teach new things.
    Thanks again for your efforts. And… the music at the end was gorgeous. I was so busy listening I watched the scrolling names right through.

  3. This is one of your best episodes because the content quality was quite good. All three featured interviews were full of interesting and unusual detail. I quite loved Constance’s description of her garment and her approach. Olga’s creative inventiveness makes me want to buy at least one pattern to see “how she works” and the Millpost presentation is inspirational. Thank you so much for this one!

  4. Susie Ashton-Davies

    Hi… loved this podcast with Olgajazzy and Millpost. I have now bought my Millpost yarn. How do I join the Patreon KAL ? cheers Susie

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